My Life File

    … one of the most important and valuable documents you will have.

    It will guide you to organise and collect the info & paperwork you need for your file, which will be priceless after your death.



    Is your last Will & Testament up to date ?

    Does your family know where all your important info and documents are? Do they have the right contact numbers for your Accountant, your bank? Who is your attorney, your Executor?


    Do they know what you want for your funeral/memorial service? It’s not a happy topic but it is very important. Make it easy for your family and Executor to finalise your estate and fulfil your last wishes without any misunderstandings and fights among themselves!  


    Let me help you create your personalised My Life File with all your info in one document, in one place….store it safely electronically and get to it at any time, from anywhere. But you can have a hard copy if you prefer, in a file prepared just for you.  

    Has any of your information changed? I will remind you on a monthly basis to check and make sure that the information in your My Life File is still current and correct.

    Order your hard copy file to keep all your printed info in – choose one of two designs.


    Work from home or just need to do some paperwork? I can also help you to set up your home office, do your filing as a once-off to get you up to date or on a monthly basis, to keep you on top of your admin …. You don’t need a complicated hard copy filing system but you should also have an electronic archives too. 



    Save time, your life and that of a loved one….

    I  create an Emergency Info sheet for you and all who live with you, as well as for your visitors who sleep over from time to time. 

    You keep this in a sealed envelope, at home in an easy-to-reach place (I keep ours behind our front door!) Emergency services can get your medical details to help you correctly immediately.  

    Other important information e.g. Medical Aid, your attorney, religious leader, etc. will also be  available. Should you be hospitalised, this Emergency Info sheet can be given to the hospital staff, as it has a lot of relevant information. (Remember to order a new one if the one you have was given to the hospital)

    Make sure that your Security company, Care giver, Complex Supervisor/Manager, family etc. know where you keep the Info sheet.

    Order your Emergency Info and don’t forget to order a re-print when any of your information changes.


    Let me create a Help! tag for you and the family. Wear it when you’re out & about, whether alone or together. Should you trip and fall, feel unwell, be in an accident – your Help! Tag can speak for you, if you can’t use your cell phone or communicate with the Emergency Services.

    Order your Help! tag  and let’s set you up today. Have peace of mind that the correct help will be available quickly! 


     Declutter & Organise

    How often has it happened that you can’t find something when you need it….

    you know you had it but……. you ask yourself……..What have I done with it? Where is it?

    The search starts and what you thought will take only a few minutes, turns into hours!

    Be clutter free in your home & office, have more time to focus on other nice, enjoyable things.

    Don’t wait, phone me today, I’ll be your clutter buster & organiser!


    How do I do it?

    I come to you and do an assessment, we discuss your goals, budget, and I work on your Project Plan. When the decluttering and organising is finished, I’ll leave you with tips on how to keep your space in order.

    (we’ll put your home and/or office on a diet.... a strict one!)

    We all have something that we don’t want to part with because it has a lot of sentimental value and letting go of your things can be a very emotional experience. I will be with you during the actual clutter clearing & organising process to support and encourage you through it.


    Storage – do we use boxes, containers, only cupboard space? 

    You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive containers - we can think creatively on how to store and organise things!



    If the shop sells a container as a “shoe box” it can be used for something else e.g. knitting needles, cat toys etc. If you’re handy with a drill, sewing machine, paint….. you can customize storage boxes/containers to fit in with your décor….

    (An old shoebox can be used very creatively & attractively for Tab, PC and cell phone cables!)


    And yes! people can get into the habit of taking a few extra seconds to put things where they should be (no squatters allowed!) and this saves minutes and hours of work and frustration.

    If you feel you need it, I also do organising training for Domestic helpers and families too

    Organised  Domestic worker =  more productive  //  Organised family = stress free, happy!               

    The ideal time to declutter and let go of extra things is when you move home! 


    Make it a stress-free and organised process by creating your own On the MOVE! file. Keep track of all your moving contracts, receipts, schedules etc. And it also helps you to keep all the moving tasks in one easy-to-find place.

    • Book Clutter Bug to help you declutter before you relocate and get a free On the MOVE! file, in its own folder.
    • If you’re doing the declutter yourself, the On the MOVE! file is ready to download – click on Order, pay and it will be on its way into your In box!



    Hoarders Anonymous

    Join now!

    If you or someone in the family feels overwhelmed or just not coping with staying clutter free and organised ……. come, sign up, it’s free - become part of Hoarders Anonymous! Hoarders and those who are not organised, don’t have to be embarrassed – I don’t judge you, I help you through it. 

    You don’t have to fight it alone! 

    Share your thoughts and frustrations with other hoarders or with those who live with them.

    If we can, let’s get together over a cup of coffee and a muffin,

    relax for a while and have a bit of a laugh too!

    Vent, get it off your chest – and if you have an organising tip that works, share it, tell us!.



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