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    A.  My LIFE  File

    • Basic General Guide
    • List of Documents to have
    • My LIFE File - has pages/sections for:
      • Personal info – in S.A. and other countries.
      • Business Info - in S.A. and other countries.
      • Where is it? – spare car keys, Passport etc.
      • Social Media – Usernames & Passwords
      • Banking – PIN & Passwords
      • Register a Death in S A – general info
      • Funeral check List (for person arranging)

    B. On the MOVE!

    • Ask the Movers
    • Cleaning Checklist- Click here for your free download list.
    • Declutter Checklist
    • Inventory.
    • On the Move!
    • Packing and Moving.
    • Room by Room Tips.
    • Weekly Moving Chores.


    • Garage Sale Guide.
    • Garage Sale Flyer.

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    C. Emergency Info

    • Medical & other Info sheet (e.g. Attorney, Doctor/s, Employer)


    D. Help! tag

    • Basic Medical Info & Contact numbers

    My Life File

    1) 2)
    On the MOVE!

    Emergency Info

    HELP! Tag        



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