Clutter Bug – Keeping you organised!

    Time is precious, the days seem to get shorter & shorter, daily routine is hectic and the pace is super-fast……

    It’s family, work, school, extra lessons, rushing from here to there, trying to do everything that needs to be done… forget to do some things or run out of time and don’t finish and your stress levels just go up, up and up……..

    It takes you ages to find one little receipt, you can’t find the star screwdriver so you buy a new one… toys are all over the house, hubby’s favourite rugby jersey is missing (again!)

    By the time you may have found what you’re looking for, your space looks as though a bomb has hit it and now…. Now you have to clear up and pack everything away again………. 

    Where do you begin to sort out everything and become organised, and create some calm in your life?

    You need a Professional Organiser - that’s me! pick me! – to help you de-clutter and organise your space, so that it takes you only seconds to find what you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for a document, tools, a book, cosmetics, spare keys, charger cable…………

    You can donate any “unwanted” items such as clothes, toys, books etc. that still work and can be used, to a charity of your choice (you can do it yourself) or Clutter Bug will donate it on your behalf.

    Once the project is finished, I leave you with tips on how to stay clutter free and organised! 

    Come, join me on a quick tour of my services and see just how much I can do for you – I take you from Chaos to Order - you owe it to yourself to be stress free!

    Don't waste hours looking for something – with my help, you can find it in seconds!

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