What makes you and you……….

    Do what you do…..how you do






    What makes the boss and colleagues

     tick, tick, tick…or…tic toc, tic toc, tic toc!


     I can help you understand yourself and others, and others to understand you too!


    It isn’t a Psychometric but an Ecometric “test”  tool i.e. how we fit into our environment (no,  nothing to do with being a tree hugger!)

    Personality – we are born with it

    Character – we grow into it


    How do we assess someone? By their favourite colour? Is a “red” person Enthusiastic, Temperamental? Is an “orange” person Informal, Radical?

    Or do we use star signs? Is a Virgo dependable and fussy? A Gemini full of nervous energy and Idealistic?


    I use the tried & tested Keirsey method to assess the individual’s character.

    Book an assessment today and a team building tomorrow!

    The method will help any business owner and manager, as well as colleagues, understand each other better!

     With new insight, you can build an effective, dynamic team! 

      “Smart people do smart work if they have a smart boss”


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