Does your family know where you keep your last will & testament?

    Is it up to date? Do they know what your wishes for your funeral are?


    It’s not nice to think about but it is important…..I can help you create your personalised “My Life File” today!

     Keep all your info up-to-date e.g. Life policies, Tax etc. in one file.

    It will be so much easier and quicker for your Executor to administer your estate – he/she must carry out your wishes/instructions according to your last Will & Testament. 

    You don’t have to be embarrassed. 

    cluttered, disorganised space…...

    There is a solution! Call me, I’ll be your clutter buster!

      Download a free "Medical Information" document  


    Don’t waste hours looking for something.

    let me help you get organised

    Files stacked on desks, window sills, on top of cabinets….your staff cannot enjoy working in a cluttered, disorganised space…... 


     Once the declutter and organising is finished, I’ll give you tips on how to keep it that way

    (we’ll put your home and office on a diet.... a strict one!)

    Your unwanted and unneeded stuff can be a treasure! You can donate anything that is still in working order and can be used by someone else, to a charity of your choice or Clutter Bug can do it for you. 

     You don’t have  to spend a fortune on expensive containers - we can think out of the box on how to store and organise things!

    If the store sells a container as a “shoe box” it can be used for other things e.g. knitting needles. 

    I also do on-the-job training for domestic workers(in your home) and teach them to be organised and clutter free. A few extra seconds spent in putting things where they should be (no squatters allowed!) saves minutes and hours of work and frustration. 

    If you or someone in the family feels overwhelmed or  just not coping with staying clutter free and organised, come…….

    Join Hoarders Anonymous! (HA!)

    You’re not alone…….

    Share your frustrations and vent over a cup of coffee and a muffin, relax for a while and have a bit of a laugh too!


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